I like to draw.
I use paint tool sai
Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/

some supernatural doodles since season 10 is really close~

i accidentally drew the little demon dean too close to the baby sam but hey, what are you gonna do

also i have learned that i never want to draw a jack daniels bottle again because they have so much detail i didnt even begin to cover it

also, the quality is kinda bad because the lighting in my terrible so i had to mess with some of the brightness setting on sai to make it more clear

I want to be one of you.

ah this is finally done. I’ve been working on this (very slowly) since about the 2nd or 3rd episode. now that the shows finally coming to a close, i figured i should get it done. I just hope I didn’t forget anything…

also i learned how to (kind of) draw clouds today. i kinda applied the same technique to the smoke…but im not 100% confident on how that came out.

also the fire (the little orange smudges) didnt come out so well either. i looked up a few tutorials on how to draw fire but just couldnt get the technique down. well, ill have to save that for another time i guess…

but oh my god these kids. i hope that nothing bad happens to them. we already had five’s incident and you know how that went…

i feel like lisa has come so far since the beginning and 12 has just opened up more as a character and 9 has just been interesting with his decisions throughout the whole thing. 

even though i dont want it to end, im really anticipating the ending and i hope to draw more of them soon.